Horses Keep Me Sane

I’m sure you’ve used the phrase “horses keep me sane” before. Probably just as a joke in passing, without a second thought to the weight it holds. It’s only until I’m not able to ride do I realize how true it actually is for me. Not having Murphy at my barn has made me realize how much I miss him, and yet I don’t at the same time. It’s a confusing thought to come to terms with and explain.

My emotions right now are being aggressively bounced up and down like a ball in a pinball machine. I know most of it is because I’m not able to do anything, regardless of being able to ride or not. But, the one time a week that I am able to ride, a distinct feeling of happiness washes over me, and I realize how much I miss it. 

The thoughts running through my head right now when I think about riding are the most cliché things ever, but I don’t care – it’s the truth! Especially when I’m not riding regularly, I become so much more in-tune with what I feel in my body and my brain while I ride. As soon as I swing a leg over the saddle, it’s like the puzzle starts to click into place, and I realize which pieces I’m missing in life without riding. I don’t know if I could even put into words the feeling of joy – you just know it as soon as it overcomes you. It’s a tingling throughout your whole body and it’s when you know you truly love something. As I try to break down this complex feeling while my lifestyle is changing so rapidly, I revisit the reasons why riding keeps me sane. 

Riding is my stress relief

Riding makes me smile

Riding is my exercise 

Riding is what makes me go to bed at a reasonable hour

Riding is my time outdoors

Riding is the reason why I’m always hungry

Riding makes me think outside-the-box

Riding is my social time with friends who share my passion

Riding makes me laugh

Riding is my creative outlet

Riding is how I grow and change

Riding is why I have patience

Riding is what helps me to keep an open mind

Riding is my time to think – just me, my horse, and my thoughts

Riding is what teaches me to manage a schedule

Riding is what motivates me to be better in all aspects of life

Riding is my escape from reality

Riding is my quiet time 

Riding makes me happy

Riding makes us all feel many different things, and we need to spread these positive feelings right now. Please share what riding is to you in the comments below! 

3 thoughts on “Horses Keep Me Sane

  1. Anna

    Riding is breathing to me. It’s my whole being and every time I’ve spent long times away from the sport I fall apart at home. It definitely makes me think critically and use my brain in so many different ways. I never thought I’d say riding is like breathing but it really is.

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  2. Riding is all of the things you have listed. My horse is my therapist and my reason for staying fit and setting goals and having dreams. Riding is what brought me back from a life threatening illness and it is what keeps me going today.It is what keeps me young at heart and mind.

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