Courtney Sendak Discusses Fair Hill XC Ride

Last weekend was Fair Hill International, as everyone most likely knows by now. Personally, I love the Fair Hill event. I love riding at the horse trials at the lower levels, and I love coming to the international event in the fall. I’ve made some great memories at Fair Hill, and it is such a special place to me and many others. This year for the international event, my birthday fell on cross country day! What’s better than watching horses gallop and jump all day on your birthday? And what made it even more special is that this year, I got a press pass! So I took a bunch of video at the event and I was even able to interview a rider. I chose to interview Courtney Sendak, as she is a local rider who has brought the horse she has now all the way from New Holland to the 2* level, all while working a normal job as a middle school history teacher. I think her story is pretty inspiring, and it’s even better that she had a successful outing. I am so glad that she took the time to discuss her ride with me. Check out the video below to find out what she thought about the course, how her ride went, what it was like bringing along her horse, and more!

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