Cosby Green Reflects on Fair Hill International 3* XC Ride

The competitors, volunteers, and spectators alike were spoiled this year on Fair Hill cross country day with perfect weather conditions. It made for an enjoyable day of watching talented horses and riders gallop across the renowned Fair Hill grounds. I got to catch up with one of these talented riders after the event: young rider Cosby Green. She had a successful cross country round at her first Fair Hill, finishing with only six time penalties. She carried only those XC time penalties through the end of the weekend to finish in eighteenth place. Check out the conversation I had with her below to find out her thoughts on her ride, what it means to compete at Fair Hill, and what it’s like balancing college life with competing at the upper levels of eventing.

One thought on “Cosby Green Reflects on Fair Hill International 3* XC Ride

  1. Connie

    I saw this young lady on her bicycle at the water jump & she was very pleasant & talking to us on Friday night when she was checking out the course. Thanks for recognizing the volunteers. It takes a lot of people hours to run this show & sometimes people tend to forget to thank a volunteer!

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